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My Humble Appreciation   
 “I would love to offer my Humble Appreciation to you for choosing MAII’s Homemade Cookies and Brownies. I am Mrs. Ishia Alexander II and I am a simple Stay at Home Mom. I’ve realized that the world is missing “Simplicity, Generosity and Genuine Love and Consideration for People. So, I decided to take my love for baking… Back to the Basics: Sugar, Flour, Baking Soda, Baking Powder, Salt, Vanilla Extract, Brown Sugar, Eggs, Butter and whichever Morsel Chip or Nut you like… you will love every bite!” 

                                            ~Mrs. Ishia Smith-Alexander II, Owner & Baker

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Business Address:
2930 Plum Creek Lane
Houston, Texas 77087

So...What Does MAII's Stand For?

     MAII’s stand for Mrs. Alexander II’s. Add to that Homemade Cookies & Brownies and you have Mrs. Alexander’s Homemade Cookies & Brownies.

     However, that’s too long… so for short, I’ve decided to call my company MA II’s; which, by the way, I’m Mrs. Ishia Alexander II and I Fresh Bake Every batch of cookies and/or brownies that you will fall in love with..

     MA II’s came from my company called The Small Things, where I offer from scratch recipes in a jar so that you may do it yourself at home. Let’s just say that God turned a bad situation into a Harvest. I love baking and cooking in general, so I decided to take the product that I already had and started baking them myself. Giving Samples and practicing the Word of Mouth method…and wha-lah…

     MA II’s Fresh Baked Cookies and Brownies…Enjoy Every Bite!

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